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Welcome to ThetaHacks Virtual! ThetaHacks is a virtual high-school hackathon occuring from January 15-18, 2021. Our schedule begins at 12am on the 15th and ends 8am in the 18th (view the full schedule here), although our opening ceremony occurs on the 16th. All you need is your computer, and if you want, a few friends to hack with!

We're a hackathon open for all skill levels. We offer a long list of free swag and merch for anyone who attends our hackathon, as long as you submit a project and attend at least two events. 

For up and coming developers, we have a separate Beginner Hack category and several differnet workshops to learn Augmented Reality, Web Development, and more!

For experienced developers, we have a long list of prizes you can win along with some more advanced events and workshops.

We want to make this hackathon feel as close as possible to one that would happen in-person. We're doing our best to ensure a cozy environment where high schoolers of all ages and experience levels can unite and hack together. 

We also offer a LOT of free swag, so we encourage everyone to sign up, even if you're a little hesitant or unclear about anything.


Got any questions? Shoot us an mail at and be sure to join our Discord server!


Required to be in high school, if you would like to join and are not eligible, please shoot us an email at

Teams may be anywhere from 1 to 4 people. No cross teaming. 


You are required to submit a video demonstration, your source code, and a github respository. Deployed projects are recommended, but if clearly explained in the presentation, not required.

Each team may only win one award.

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$20,000 in prizes

1st Place

The overall first place winner at ThetaHacks! The winning team gets $150, HyperX Mechanical Gaming Keyboards, a certificate, and of course, bragging rights.

2nd Place

The 2nd place winner at ThetaHacks! The winning team gets $100, Google Nest Mini, a certificate, and of course, bragging rights.

3rd Place

The 3rd place winner at ThetaHacks! The winning team gets $50, Plans for Wolfram|One Pro Premium (worth $400 each), a certificate, and of course, bragging rights.

Organizer's Choice

The organizer's choice! The chosen winning team will receive $100 of AOPS Credit, a certificate, and of course, bragging rights.

People's Choice

The winner of the most popular vote! Team will receive a certificate.

Best Duo Hack (2)

The winning team of the best duo hack at ThetaHacks gets some epic merch from our partner, Discord! (2 shirts, pins, stickers), and 1Password Family Membership for each person.

Best Environmental Hack

The winning team of the best environmental hack at ThetaHacks gets lifetime licenses to Centered (, a premium productivity app. Each member on the team will also receive Sublime Text licenses.

Best EchoAR Project

The EchoAR prize goes to the team that best utilizes the EchoAR platform by the company's standards. Winners get a $50 Amazon gift card and access to the business tier plan with EchoAR (worth $90).

Best Beginner Hack

The winning team of the best beginner hack at ThetaHacks gets $50 and an exclusive ProductHunt swag package, as well as 1Password Family Membership for each team member.


Business tier plan on EchoAR
Wolfram|One platform access Hacker/Upgraded Plan
Access to Balsamiq Cloud
Free web hosting from Cynderhost
30-Day access to Centered
Awesome ThetaHacks Stickers
Linode Hosting
Free Pro upgrades on Taskade
Problem Sets from To The Limit Maths
ProductHunt Stickers
Credits for JetBrains IDE
Interview Cake Courses
Discord pins and stickers
Free Giveaways and Raffles!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Alon Grinshpoon

Alon Grinshpoon
Founder & CEO of EchoAR

John Smale

John Smale
AP Computer Science Teacher

Aldrin Brillante

Aldrin Brillante
Workshop Coordinator at Make School

Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee
Full Stack Software Engineer @ Folsom Labs

Merissa Bridgeman

Merissa Bridgeman
Student Ambassador at Make School

Nitin Aggarwal

Nitin Aggarwal
Tech Lead at Stripe

Jordan Arnesen

Jordan Arnesen
Outreach Manager at Make School

Cathy Leather

Cathy Leather
Graphics Design and Animation Teacher

Judging Criteria

  • Main Category Credits
    Judges will be given a set amount of "credits" to assign to projects of their choice. Overall, top 3 projects with the highest credit scores win main prizes.
  • Off Category Credits
    For optional categories, judges are given a separate credit balance to assign to projects they think should win the prize. Highest credit score wins!

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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